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Everyone should plant trees!

Trees are everywhere. If you don’t believe me, take a look outside your window, there is bound to be one somewhere, yet trees are still struggling to survive and because of that species of animals are perishing and the quality of air is decreasing. But there are so many ways we can help, and there are already people working to make change, but they need you! So, help lighten the load for everyone and together we can save trees and all the good things that come with it.

One advantage that comes with planting trees is of course oxygen. But, the process that trees create oxygen is even better! Trees need light, carbon dioxide and water for photosynthesis but during the process of it it creates oxygen as a byproduct! That means that while they make oxygen for us they are also sucking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which means that they are also getting rid of the biggest factor to climate change. Which, you guessed it, helps humans and all other species thrive and survive!

In addition, trees provide shade on hot days which can help reduce the amount of victims of skin cancer. Trees also offer a place to sit and relax to escape from the stress of whatever is happening at that current moment. This also means that having just one or many different trees can help reduce stress levels and stop anxiety. Which increases your mental health and wellbeing.

Another benefit of planting trees is that they are sources of many, many different fruit and vegetables. So, something sad I realized a while ago is that we use the phrase ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ to assume that if it did then there wouldn’t be a shortage of wealth, yet food grows on trees yet there is still a shortage of hunger! Imagine if we planted two million trees that would offer so much food to so many people, we could end world hunger! Better yet people can sell that food for money to buy more seeds to plant more food which offers more housing and MORE food!

Furthermore, growing trees can help you sell your house and increase the price of it. Many houses that have beautiful gardens with trees in them are proven to sell for more and sell quicker. This is also reinforced by the experts at Sergio’s Gardening, stating that “we’ve noticed an increase in clients looking to beautify their outdoor spaces with trees and shrubs, with many having plans to list their home and use these green spaces to increase the resale value”

Though many people disagree with this and say that planting trees is expensive or takes up too much time ONE HUNDRED pine trees cost only thirty dollars! And growing one pine tree takes around 2 years to grow which is super quick compared to the white cedar taking 155 years to grow 6 INCHES!

In conclusion, trees are incredible! They can stop climate change, help people sell houses and so much more! But, once again, trees are struggling because of so many things as well. So, take a minute of your time to plant a small shrub or tree in your backyard and watch it grow, it will help everyone and make the world so much better!

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