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Littoral rainforest in Cronulla - fascinating

So, my friends, if you go to Bass and Flinders Point in Cronulla (and that will be another post) turn right and walk down towards Hungry Point. You will find a Littoral Rainforest. It is generally a closed forest, the structure and composition of which is strongly influenced by its proximity to the ocean. The plant species of this community are predominantly rainforest species. Several species have compound leaves, and vines may be a major component of the canopy. These features differentiate littoral rainforest from forest or scrub, but while the canopy is dominated by rainforest species, scattered emergent individuals of sclerophyll species.

Littoral Rainforest occurs only on the coast and is found at locations in the NSW North Coast Bioregion, Sydney Basin Bioregion and South East Corner Bioregion. Littoral Rainforest is very rare and occurs in many small stands. In total, it comprises less than one percent of the total area of rainforest in NSW. It needs to be protected.

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Jasper Persson
Jasper Persson
Feb 06, 2022

Thank you for contributing to the topiclogic community .

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