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Maps are soo interesting

Hey members, just for info…I find the mapping technology facinating. Coming from the very basic and amazing work way back, to our times with Google Maps. It is another level of science.

Are we there yet? Where are we? Where are we going? Why do we want to go at all?

Many cultures have sought to tame vast areas of space in compact form such as maps and globes, to answer these questions. It’s done for different reasons.

Early Greek philosophers were interested in the earth’s shape and position in the heavens. There was a widespread assumption that the importance of humans was reflected in cosmic order, and many early systems place the earth at the centre of the universe.

Even when the earth was not at the centre, reflection on where we fit into a larger cosmic picture was often coloured by ethical and moral considerations.

At the same time, right from the beginning of the Western tradition, the more practical activities of agriculture, navigation, road-building and land surveying led to a world cut into more human-sized pieces. Throughout history, cartography has been central to programs of colonial expansion.

More information here…and it is free 

I have included a few of my pictures but go there and see for yourself.

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Jasper Persson
Jasper Persson
Feb 06, 2022

Thank you for contributing to the topiclogic community

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