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The wonderful world of plankton

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

what is plankton?

Plankton is an aquatic creature, it is microscopic. Its name plankton comes from the Greek word planktos which means "drifter" because instead of swimming plankton rely on strong currents and waves to move them around. There are two main types of plankton phytoplankton which are plants, and zooplankton which are animals.


So, I know this sounds weird but, zooplankton eats phytoplankton and then the zooplankton become food for fish.

Credits and afterword

I got most of this information from a book called plankton by Iain M. Suthers, David Rissik and Anthony Richardson.

If you haven't noticed (this is for people who read the about us page) these first three blog posts all relate to three I talked about in the about us page, why I did that? because I wanted these first three blog posts to describe what TopicLogic is about and who we are if you enjoyed these blog posts please tell your friends and family about us, and with that this post is finished.

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